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"Mr. Uhlig, I am writing this e-mail to thank you for the wonderful service you have provided to us through your consulting business.  I was thoroughly frustrated trying to obtain a Federal Construction Contract to no avail.  Thank God we were able to find you, and we now have been awarded our first Federal Contract.  Your services are first class.  There are so many things you have done for us.  Just helping us to navigate Fed Bizz Opps was a tremendous help.  Then you helped us choose a niche in the Federal Market, guided us through the bid process, and even helped us modify our subcontractor agreement.  We could not have done this without the Good Lord sending us your way.  Thank you and I look forward to more new bids with you."
Sebring, FL

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For times when you are looking for:

•  Bigger Profits

•  Professional consulting on all federal construction contracting questions

•  Confidential sounding board

•  Expert advice about how to proceed on a new project or increase the  effectiveness of an existing project

•  How to interpret federal regulations in a way that tilts the scales in your favor

•  Professional consulting on all federal construction contracting questions

•  Confidential sounding board

•  Expert advice about how to proceed on a new project or increase the  effectiveness of an existing project

•  Need a contracting expert for on the site questions

•  Help deciphering solicitations and/or contracts

•  Affordability with the convenience of a simple subscription to answer your Federal contracting questions

How it works:

This is a six month or one year subscription, and will answer questions from a total of 1 to 1 ½ hours depending on the length & subscription you choose.  This is your time to talk with a construction professional with over 37 years of contracting with the federal government.

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"Stan Uhlig is a gentleman whom I met in February 2010 at the ABC Edcon & Expo. Stan is an expert in helping contractors of all kinds find, and successfully solicit Federal contracts."   Rhonda Lohmar, CNA Insurance | Consulting Underwriting Director - Construction Segment

"You will be blown away with all that Stan knows and regardless of how you choose to proceed, he is the best person to advise you on your options." 
Mel DePaoli  Catalyst Consultant for Builders & Construction Companies, Speaker
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 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. Where can I go to find Federal Government business opportunities?
A. Go to the official Federal Government website, https://www.fbo.gov/

2. Q. Can a small business get a Federal Government contract?
A. Yes. Many Federal Government projects are set aside specifically for small business and businesses that qualify as   socio-economically disadvantaged.

3. Q. What are the size standards for a general contractor and specialty contractors?        
A.The Small Business Administration publishes a Table of Size Standard  for every North American Industry Classification System(NAICS) code. The size standard is the maximum revenue that a company, including all subsidiaries and affiliates averaged over the past 3 years can have. For general contractors in construction, currently the size standard is $33.5million per year and for specialty trade contractors it is $14 million per year. The Office of Management and Budget will periodically review these size standards and adjust them.

4. Q. Does my company need to be registered with the Federal Government to do business with it?
 A. Yes. Every business must be registered with the Federal Government through the Central Contractor Registration(CCR) system in order to be awarded a Federal contract.

5. Q. What is a DUNS number?
A. Dun and Bradstreet provides a Data Universal Numbering System(DUNS) number, a unique 9-digit identification number, for each physical location of a business or organization. A company must obtain a DUNS number in order to register in the CCR system.

6. Q. What Federal Government agency is responsible for facilities not on Federal reservations.
A. The General Services Administration.

7. Q.  How much money has been allocated by the recovery and Reinvestment Act for contracts?
A. $275 billion

8.   Q.  How much money has been awarded through Oct. 21, 2009 for Federal contracts?
A.  $47 billion.

9. Q.  Which state has received the most Federal contract money and how many jobs has this saved?
A. The state of Washington and it has saved 2,909 jobs.

10.  Q. I am a minority business that would like to get into federal contracting. Is there any help available?
A.  Yes. The Small Business Administration(SBA) has a program to help small disadvantaged businesses get certified and then will help them get into federal contracting.

11.  Q. I am a subcontractor doing business with a general contractor on a Federal job. Do I have any protection for getting paid?
A.  Yes. The Miller Act provides protection for first and second tier subcontractors and vendors for getting paid.

12.  Q. I am a subcontractor that has encountered a changes in the soil. How can I file a claim?
A.  You must file it through your general contractor under the changes clause of the prime contract within the notification time period.

13.  Q. Why should I do Federal Government construction versus state construction?
A.  Because that’s where the money is. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 allocates almost $300 billion for construction over the next 2 years with the vast majority allocated to Federal agencies for contract execution.

14.  Q. I am a large company, why would I need your services?
A.  We train your management personnel on the intricacies of performing work for the Federal government.

15.  Q. I am having trouble finding door hardware that meets the Buy American Act. Can you help me.
A.  Bommer  Industries, http://www.bommer.com/ , is the only firm that I am aware of that manufactures door hardware in the USA.

16.  Q. The Buy American Act seems to be very complicated, is there a simple explanation of the requirements?
A.  No. There are three Buy Am

17.  Q. You mention that you teach strategy. Why do I need a strategy?
A.  I teach how to develop a “winning” strategy because without a “winning” strategy you will be putting time and money into going after projects that you have very little chance of getting.

18.  Q. I am a SBA(8a) certified contractor. Can I be issued non-competed contracts?
A. Yes. SBA(8a) firms can negotiate contracts with Federal Government Agencies on a sole source basis up to $3 million if approved by the SBA. There are also instances where the contract threshold is much higher

19.  Q. What is ORCA?
A.  ORCA stands for Online Reps and Certs Application and is an online system that replaces the paper based representations and Certifications in Section K of the Solicitation.

20.  Q. The Government says that because I manufacture products in plant for construction projects that I must pay  prevailing wages. Is this correct?
A.  In most cases no.

21.  Q. I feel that the Government is giving me the “go-around” on just about everything on my contract. Why do they do this?
A. They appear to do this because they must adhere to mandated policies and processes. I teach how to understand and deal with these policies and processes so that you have the power, not the Government.
22. Q. I have been waiting 2 months for a government inspection. How long should I have to wait?
A. The ASBCA has ruled that timely acceptance/rejection is defined as a “reasonable time for prompt action under the circumstances.”
23.  Q. I am bidding on a Federal Government contract but I see no mention of Builder’s Risk insurance. Isn’t the Government going to provide this insurance?
A.  No. Unlike commercial construction where the owner may provide Builder’s Risk insurance, the Federal Government provides no insurance.